A maneuver performed by the male counterpart during sexual intercourse. Situation: the male detects that semen (see cum) will be exiting his reproductive organ, commonly referred to as his penis or dick. In order to prevent his partner from becoming impregnated unwillingly, he suddenly and immediately unsheaths his dick from within the female's reproductive organ, the vagina or pussy and sprays the semen over her front torso and face. Result: the partner is not impregnated and therefore needs no abortions. Side effects may include female annoyance and a giggling sensation of the male due to the evident humor of the situation. Scientists are still debating whether or not this act was chivalrous or pure evil.
(After maneuver is complete; to female) Ha! I just pulled a Jenga on you!
(After maneuver is complete; to male) WTF?! Why'd you just Jenga me?
by Power Houz June 06, 2018
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