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Kick-butt French singer who sings real songs (not fake, bubblegum-pop crap). Born in Peru, she moved to France with her adoptive family at only 9 months old. She took up singing at a young age, and is now, in my opinion, one of the best singers ever.

Some of her songs are "Je Me Perds", "J'aimerais Tellement", "Victime Idéale", etc
Jena Lee kicks ass!

"Petite Fille" by Jena Lee is her autobiograhy in a song.
by NoirHeart April 23, 2011
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My Jenalee.

Wild and free. Loving and fierce. Joker till the end. A girl that just doesn't have a worry in the world. She has so much spirit and shines that light on Every moment. She is an angel in the darkness.
Jenalee is one funny little girl.
by Serendipitous Mrs.Take February 18, 2019
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Has an akward obsesion with JUULs, never uses any other flavor than mango.
by Mason Ramsey September 04, 2019
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