Cleaning jizz out of your drain, after having sex in the shower.
We had sex in my shower, and I pulled out.. later we had to go jellyfishing.
by BrianBreakdown January 28, 2011
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When you are having sex with a girl while using a condom and the condom comes off inside her pussy, and she has to fish it out.
She had to go Jellyfishing after my rubber fell off inside her.
by Pavul February 21, 2010
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When you spank out a batch into a pool. The floating jizz looks like jellyfish.
I'd hate to be the guy who cleans out the pool filter after the frat goes jellyfishing.
by Super_Nick_ March 24, 2016
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Finding a girl or guy with "dat ass" and smacking it.
Two guys are walkin down the street and a woman wit a fine ass.
First guy smacks the woman's ass and then walks away while the woman grabs her ass. "Jellyfishing!"
Second guy, "Why'd you call it jellyfishin'?"
First guy, "Cuz it jiggles and it stings!"
by awakener71 March 3, 2015
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When a person runs their fingers all over your body to simulate a jellyfish's tentacles.
Stop jellyfishing all over me! It's creeping me out!
by spiffs April 22, 2010
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A state of euphoria resembling a brainless underwater creature usually caused by drugs, music, alcohol, or some combination of all the above.
Sheldon was so jellyfish that he passed out while standing at the EDM festival
by MalaysianSensation October 1, 2015
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Someone who has no spine, no balls. A person who never stands up for themselves or anyone else. Someone who would never admit to any wrong doing.
I cannot believe that guy, he's such a jellyfish.
by Bacita Mae Jenkins April 4, 2020
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