jelly braclets are fashionable thats it. And i know even if they are sex related i dont ever have to relate to what it means if i dont want to. I have my rights to remain the way i am no pressure to get it on. Its kind of a symbol for punks or skaters i guess
"yo man i love those braclets they fit your style"
by sam July 21, 2004
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I think that the person wearing the bracelet is the one who gets to choose whether it means something sexual or just a cool looking bracelet. But its kinda sad that they sybolize sex because its making gurls who just wanna look fashionable, look slutty.
No one can make you do anything you dont wanna do!
by *Spoil3d Brat* May 01, 2004
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Jelly bracelets---sexual rubber bands used as a joke for junior high and highschool teens. There is no actual sexual intercourse associated with them.


red=lap dance

purple=passionate sex



orange=kiss/outdoor sex


pink=make out

glow-in-the-dark pink=sex with girls sex toys

glow in the dark blue=sex with boys sex toys

glow-in-the-dark green/yellow= sex with porn

silver=outdoor sex/fingering

gold=date and all of the above

green(dark)=hand job


glitter makes it double
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Some people say these bracelets mean everything people say they mean and other people say they're mearly fashionable. Me, on the other hand, i think both ways. I started wearing them as a fashion but my boyfriend (and only my boyfriend) started breaking them off. I still wear them as a fashion. I'm not looking for anyone to break off afew black ones so we can fuck it up all night long or anything. I just sometimes do the hugs or kisses with my boyfriend. But what I'm saying is, it's all a matter of opinion. Those who want to wear those bracelets just to have a one-nighter with some hot dude can do that. And anyone who wears them as fashion can do that to. They only mean what you make them mean!
heres what some mean where i come from-
red: lapdace
blue: oral sex
purple: kissing(extreme breaking means anal)
yellow sparkle: hug & kiss
gold sparkle: makeout
black: all the way home
clear: whatever breaker wants
yellow: hug
orange: kissing
white: flashing chest
by allison hunt November 30, 2003
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They're just little jelly bracelets we all wear to try and look cool, but we all know nobody actually does anything.
In my school this is what they mean:
Black: Sex
Blue: Blowjob
Pink: Make Out
Yellow: Hug
Purple: Kiss
Red: Lap Dance
Green: Eat Out
White: Flash
Him: "If I break your black one, will you have sex with me?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "Really?"
Me: "No."
by Spikes April 28, 2005
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Hey. I think that jelly bracelets are awesome. I hate to think that out society has came down to this. I mean come on. Little 6 and 7 year old girls wear them to play dress up not to have sex. So people think that older kids who wear them, have sex and play the game. So what do u think about little kids wearing them? ITs all a bunch of bullshit. Everyone needs to shut the hell up about it and get over it. People can bitch and bitch about them and kids are still gonna wear them like me. i wear so many its unreal but i dont play the game. All it is, is people expressing themselves. Aint it better than the youth gettin tatooes? Think bout it.
La la la. im gonna hve sex 2night bcuz some1 broke mah bracelet. GET REAL!!!!
by sara January 12, 2004
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okay this scandel on jelly bracelets kinda breaks my heart....haha i know its cheezy but my grandma bought me a bunch of them and she probably knows about the secret meaning now and i dont want her to think i do that kinda stuff it really sucks.
me- grandma thanks for the bracelets
grandma- now girl dont chu go f*cking every cool hommie dat pass yo way dawg aight?
grandma- so u be kewl wit dat home dawg?
me- yes....
by briget December 05, 2004
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