Jelly bracelets mean whatever you want them to mean.They can mean sex or a fashion statement.I wear 'em for both.Now it aint a crime to wear those and it is really strange that schools would ban them.Look,i have more then a lot of jelly "sex" braceletes ..whatever.The point is,no matter what it means,people will still wear 'em.

My definitions~

Pink~make out
Purple~hand job
Green~oral sex
and i have wayy more then that.
"I am so hoping to get laid by that guy.I just need him to snap my black bracelet".
by Hanna December 16, 2003
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In my area, the bracelets have no meaning; they are meerly fashionable. They don't dent like regualr bracelets, and they're cheaper too. A few days ago I heard about that meaning for the first and I am in high school. I wear tons of these bracelets just because I like them. They are fun to play with and twist around when I get bored in class. It's the equivalent of bringing thread with you to class to make weird knots when you're bored.
A few of my friends and I are total prudes. We do nothing sexual. No kissing or anything; I never even hugged a kid until this sumer and that was a good-bye to a friend of the family.
by macO November 14, 2003
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Yellow = Hug
Orange = Kiss
Red = "Lap Dance"
Blue = Blow Job
Black = Sex
Green = Playing with clit
Clear = Whatever you want
Purple = Anal sex
Silver = Fisting
White = Flahing Tits
Pink = Eating Out
Brown = Analingus
Glow in dark = Sex Toys
Light Blue = Hand Job
Indago = Hand Job with Blow Job
Clear Blue = Everything
Glitter Yellow = Hugging and Kissing
Glitter Green = 69
Glitter Purple = French Kiss
Clear Gold with glitter = Fingering
Clear Pink - Girls chose
Gold = Suck on any park of body
Hot Pink =Make out
Baby Blue = Whatever the Boy wants
Light Blue with glitter = Sex in Water
Mostly people at my school don;t play this game but me and my friends do and well all the guys pull them off the girls don;t really they just go along with it I haven't seen anyone do it but I have heard oh you owe mw and shit but yeah.
by Jessica Daniels October 11, 2004
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Jelly Bracelets look great with every thing... just because they mean something doesnt mean u have 2 do it.... like sure u can if u want but w/e if u dont want 2 then dont....where i come from they mean:
~Red =Kiss
~Purple =Hugg
~Green =Sex Toys
~Clear =what ever girl wants
~Pink =Eat out
~Blue =Blow job
~Black =Sex
~Yellow =Outdoor sex
~Gold =Lap dacne
~White =Make out
~Clear/Sparkles =Head
~Orange =69er
~Glow in the dark =w/e guy wants
~Sliver =Anal
~Glittery =Finger
~Dark blue =Hardcore
~Indigo =Hand job
"Dude last night was the best i got this hott chicks blue bracelet she gives the best Blow jobs ever"
by hottie October 17, 2004
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It's just a bracelet! Jeez!! Some people may think that they have sexual meanings...but I don't. I didn't even know about this crap until this girl came up to me and was telling me how they may ban them from our school!! I went online to see what the big issue was and came to this website. Wow, how bored can one person be!? Let's all sit at home and start making meanings for the socks you wear. Jeez!! That's coming next!! I mean for real people...grow up!! I'm in 8th and I have sense enough to realize that this is all a bunch of bull. But if you really want to scold your kids for being fashionable...you do that, but right after...I suggest some mental help!! Just let us do our own thing. Don't be worried about finding bracelets...be worried when you find birth controll and a box of condoms half empty...!!
**FaShIoN...that's all it is...FaShIoN**
by Samantha January 24, 2004
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Okay, everybody listen... (or read). I was severely offended when some girl said "I'm sry i will not stop wearing those colorful bracelets just because some immature kids are being perverted."

We the "immature kids" are not being perverted. It's the parents and the media. Who the fuck wheres them for sex!!! I'm in 8th grade and once everyone heard about the "fad" on tv we started wearing them just to piss the teachers off. I have 50 purples (that mean anal) and have I ever given a guy anal, no of course not.. my friends where's black, does she have sex with any guy that wants to... NO!! and any of you other people that want to say that the kids started this because we want to have sex, can go shove the bracelets up their ass!!!
oh and I won't stop wearing them just because some perverted adults want to think that we want to give guys bolw jobs or something, what else are they going to ban from school... (oh no hair ties mean you want to have sex, we have to confiscate them all)
by Mallorie December 22, 2003
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At our school they mean:

green-give head
red-lap dance
grey(silver)-hand job
purple-outdoor sex
clear-whatever breaker wants
glow in the dark-use sex toys
You all need to shut the HELL up because these braclets really have no meaning its just some perverted meaning that adults thought up and intend to blame us for it, I am just fine wearing my bracelets that fact that it pisses teachers off is just an added bonus!
by Heather March 23, 2004
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