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It's a female that first you lay, then you spread, resembling the motion of spreading jelly on toast. The vagina is also often thick and squishy like jelly. Is
vagina jelly twat nasty lay spread easy jelly twat
by the sea vagina September 12, 2013
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1. A combination of the words Jelly and Twat. 2 Literally some Jelly on a twat. 3. A highly gelatinous Twat. 4. A highly gelationous person who you would degregate by referring to them as a twat.

The word comes from a Dane Cook about a couple he overheard in a grocery store arguing about Jelly. In the story the man calls the woman a Twat. Comedy Gold!
"What are you looking at you filthy Jelly Twat" or more importantly "Oh yeah, get the Jelly you fucking Jelly Twat"
by eeentropyyy January 04, 2008
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Someone who instigates nothing-fights as per Dane Cook's joke.
My girlfriend was being a real jelly-twat when she did not inform me of the jelly situation in the house.
by Hippo8Me August 30, 2010
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