A particularly wet fart, can also be accompanied by surprise diarrhea, usually occurring as a sign of needing to go poo.
Dude! I just did a jelly fart. I'd better get to the toilet!
by PooBumJellyFartWee May 19, 2011
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the act of pouring atleast 1 litre of koolaid down your butt hole, then jamming the hole up with jelly beans to cork it and hold in the liquid, then having your partner sit underneath your ass while you push as hard as possible until the koolaide and jelly beans squirt all over your said partners face.
we had a pizza party, but i forgot a birthday present, so instead i gave the birthday boy an alaskan jelly fart.
by onebadbanana03 January 7, 2012
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A fart usually made by a butt pirate. Its an untraditional smell made up of latex and baby oil.
Hey Billy, I think that Richard Simmons groupie just blew a K Y jelly fart.
by Johnnie Walker's chauffeur December 26, 2008
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