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A jelly bagel is very simply described as when a man, or woman has a tongue ring and eats out his or her partner's butthole, also known as a rimjob, until it bleeds.. It is called a Jelly Bagel because the butthole is the bagel and the tongue ring acts as the knife that spreads the jelly, which of course is the blood.. Bikers, as well as hardcore rockers, often like to use the Jelly Bagel as their main source of sexual arousment.
Austin: Damn Ben, that jelly bagel you gave me last night was intense. Im still feeling it this morning!!

Ben: Yehh, tell me about it..Im still cleaning the pubes and the blood off my tongue ring..

Austin: We are doing that again soon!!

Ben: Fo Sho!!
by Tennessee's Finest July 25, 2009
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