Slur for Mormons. A portion of the United States covers Utah, Southeast Idaho, and parts of California, Nevada, and Wyoming. This area has the highest density of Mormons and have highest Jello consumption in the United States. Jello is also the state snack of Utah.
That Jello Eater is so brainwashed, he eats nothing except Jello. Damn church tactics.
by 1973memes with helicopters September 06, 2018
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One that consomes mindless things such as reality television, junk food, celebrity magazines and silly music.

A vapid, silly and empty person.
It turned out she was a jello eater as she owned season six of the bachelor on DVD.
by hydra1970 June 05, 2011
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The slang term for the jello dish made for yellow bellied frogs. this dish usually contains crickets, flies, and other insects suspended in gelatin desert mix.
"Mom, could you make some more yellow bellied jello eaters for my frog Mortimer?"
by Gotcha, Mr. Bf! October 21, 2008
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