A term used to describe an Indian, Pakistani, or other desi. Commonly used in the UK where "brown" is considered politically incorrect.
Julie: Hey Pooja, who was that brown guy I saw you with yesterday?

Pooja: Excuse me?! You should refer to Indians as Jedi, not brown!
by KshitijSingh March 08, 2011
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JEDI is a Hebrew male name meaning "beloved by God" It is a variant of the Hebrew name Jedidiah found in The Bible in 2Samuel 12:25 - Jedidiah was King Solomon's name from God.
Jedi is a male name, a form of Jedidiah. It's Hebrew origin and history is Biblical (2Samuel 12:25) and has nothing to do with Star Wars fiction.
by tray1234 March 16, 2011
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Someone with high skills to do almost anything when comes between a battle, With a kick ass lightsaber color :D.
Mark will become a known jedi for centuries
by Mark December 01, 2003
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jedi are at the top of the fighter hierarchy.

they beat pirates (only by a little) and ninja (by a whole lot)

the hierarchy is as follows:

dude, that jedi just saved that pirate from that disgusting ninja
by Andrea Lynn May 16, 2007
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