JEDI is a Hebrew male name meaning "beloved by God" It is a variant of the Hebrew name Jedidiah found in The Bible in 2Samuel 12:25 - Jedidiah was King Solomon's name from God.
Jedi is a male name, a form of Jedidiah. It's Hebrew origin and history is Biblical (2Samuel 12:25) and has nothing to do with Star Wars fiction.
by tray1234 March 16, 2011
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A portly 30-something man who, after becoming unemployed, has decided to stay home and work odd part-time jobs from home. He rarely leaves the house, unless he is taken somewhere by his wife or new mommy. When accosted by friends concerning his demise, he doesn't care, because it is insanely obvious that he is supremely aware of how his actions will ultimately affect him and those around him.
"Tim needs to get off his ass and find a job."

"No, shut up, he's a jedi."
by Rick the Nature Boy April 09, 2008
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1. The singular term denoting a member of the Jedi, which is a fictional order of warrior priests that is depicted in the Star Wars media franchise.

2. A person who is either highly skilled at some task, or who is an extraordinary practitioner of some occupation. The word 'jedi', when used for that purpose, is usually preceded by the word that denotes that particular task, and followed by the word that denotes that particular occupation (e.g. barbecue jedi, jedi mechanic).
Yoda, the Jedi master, emphasized to his students that a jedi's power flows from the Force.

Did you see that awesomely rad Power Point presentation that Schuyler made? I swear, he's like a Power Point jedi.

Well, the toilet is finally fixed, thanks to my brother, the jedi plumber.
by thaMikeRoolah October 21, 2014
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A term used to describe an Indian, Pakistani, or other desi. Commonly used in the UK where "brown" is considered politically incorrect.
Julie: Hey Pooja, who was that brown guy I saw you with yesterday?

Pooja: Excuse me?! You should refer to Indians as Jedi, not brown!
by KshitijSingh March 08, 2011
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jedi are at the top of the fighter hierarchy.

they beat pirates (only by a little) and ninja (by a whole lot)

the hierarchy is as follows:

dude, that jedi just saved that pirate from that disgusting ninja
by Andrea Lynn May 16, 2007
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