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A superpower held by a firefighter they call "Fish"' - Amazingly he has this power over young girls to get them to drop their Panties and put out.
He told that girl she had a nice smile. Then the "fish" acted smitten. Next thing she knew she was naked. He isn't that good looking but he somehow pulls off that Jedi Mind Fuck and the panties drop.
by Paulie Bovalino May 09, 2013
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To fuck with someone's mind in the style of the Jedi
"Donnie, you're a rube"
"No, I'm not!"
Exercising of the jedi mind fuck
"Wow, I am a rube"
by Grand Master C February 05, 2005
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Upon talking to somebody about an uncomfortable topic, they deftly and without notice change the topic. You don't realize this has occurred for minutes, or even days.
Person 1: Could you give the answers to this homework assignment?

Person 2: OMG! Did you hear about the new Harry Potter movie? Who do you think is the sexiest?

Person 1: Oh, definitely Ron! The way he... {blah, blah, blah}

Hours later...
Person 1: What a minute! I never got my homework done!! I've been jedi mind fucked!!
by nerdgurl July 15, 2009
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Term used when confusion sets in or being confused by another person.
Yo Dog! Tyrell put da jedi mind fuck on him's ol' lady Leticia 'bout that other ho he doin.
by Trixterjim June 02, 2005
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