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The First "JEDI" clan was infact formed in 2003 by the computing underground legend known as "Justice" who was Florida based and had his own clan website.The clan was formed around the very popular game at the time "Blackhawk Down" and was the first clan that used "JEDI" as its (tags) in game.From this clan many of the first FPS maps ever made where born, made by the clan themselves with map makers who quickly rose to fame including JUSTICE,22 S.A.S,DOOKU and TWIST OF FATE(game names only).The clan was made up of many different people from all around the uk and usa and had at one point over 100 clan members.Maps included jedi freefall,SAS EVAC,jedi dome,jedi spawn.A much loved clan and sadly missed!!!.
by nitro.... November 01, 2012
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