a huggee jeanie that lives in a bottle
and only appears when rubbed by a nicalia ( the right way )
look at that sexy thing in the sky ... its a jeanie!! nicalia must have rubbed it the right way!!
by nicole933938 June 11, 2008
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A girl who is either mega old, or named unfortunately after an old person. Gets called mean things, yet throws down when necessary.
Who's that one old lady that goes to bingo every wednesday?

Oh that's Jeanie.
by Cassie(: December 17, 2009
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a girl who murders ponies and and horses daily every day she just kills and kills and makes horses suffer she hates them with all her evil little fat girl heart shes the worst kind of fat girl that exists shes totally huge with boobs that are nothing but fat and kills horses ponies donkys and zebras even a giraffe once shes bad news and totally fat
a big ass jeanie walking down the street slaughtering ponies
by ninjadoggy August 01, 2013
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Me: "Hey do you have my Outlaw Star?"
Jeanie: "Yeah...(three weeks later)...Here you go."
by Ero-Ninja May 18, 2006
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A faggot ass bitch who is a cunt ass motherfucking whore. She likes bridges as they are high to jump from. And likes tiny pp. she likes men who like horse rides. And she is a clown 🀑
Man I can’t believe ur acting so Jeanie rn bro.
by Babydug October 04, 2019
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