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The act of consuming a croissant without crumbling a single atom of crumb. Throughout the period of enlightenment this was considered an impossible act by mere mortals. However, in the year 1869, frenchman Jean-Paul Bordeaux brought the human race to a new horizon of the art of croissant-eating (croissantology) when he consumed an entire croissant in one bite; completely without crumbing. One can draw great parallels between the Jean-Paul Manoeuvre and the more modern "Grape Fruit Technique" due to the similar wrist movements whilst performing both manoeuvres.
Jean Valjean (whilst in the possession of a croissant): "Do you think there is a way of eating this without crumbling?"
Mathieu: "Hell no mon ami! The only way is to perform the The Jean-Paul Manoeuvre."
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by magnisius March 07, 2018
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