To start off, Jean is amazing - actually, that's an understatement. Basically, she's anything a guy/girl can want. The name itself is beautiful, but anyone named Jean is an amazingly perfect person. Especially the Jean's that live in Sydney, Australia, and one's that are in Year 8, who are Filipino-Chinese.
Is that Jean?
Yeah, it is Jean, you can tell because her perfectness is radiating over everybody.
by Waifuoftheamazing February 06, 2013
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the most perfect person to exist. much prettier then her other family members and also ha a much cooler personality
guy one: i just met jean
guy two: shes amazing isnt she?
guy one: i think im in love with her.
guy two: she is the most amazing person ever, i understand.
by knsjkfnk December 25, 2012
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Casual apparel consisting of a denim covering of the lower body...with a deadly side effect. Basically jeans are the arch nemesis of the weewee, for not even the strongest of ding dong can penetrate through jeans.
Mom: Happy birthday, Rob! Here's your present!

Rob: HOLY SHIT! WEBKINZ! (erection begins, looks down) WOW, WHERE IS IT?

Mom:...under your jeans
by ChErSuPeRfAn4uxx17 July 14, 2008
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An extraordinary man. Real. Down to earth. Funny, Witty, Handsome, Intelligent and a true friend. Tough personality but has a huge heart.
"What's his name?"....
"Jean.." :)
by ilovefood88 February 22, 2010
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Jean is a very beautiful girl/woman/lady inside and out------- Origin Ireland, has great artisitc talent, loves to piant draw anything ARTISTIC! Lovig Sympathetic Optamistic. Smart Creative a GOOD friend likes to have fun and laugh. Also has origin of Venus the Godess of Love and Beauty!
That girl is DEFINATLY a Jean look at her Painting!
by Nicest person EVER April 11, 2009
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A man who is secretly a horse.
He has a high chance of having a friend named Marco.
Wow! Jean and Marco are really good friends!
by SomeAnimeGeek November 30, 2016
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