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A syndrome of a consumerism-driven "just buy a new one" lifestyle. A major causation factor of the National Debt, instances of this horridly-wasteful debacle can often be solved with as little as a few minutes of simple cleaning/repair-work, or a far-less-expensive used item can be procured. Long live thrift stores!
Jbano syndrome also has a kissing-cousin disorder known as Jbao ("Just buy another one") syndrome, which similarly involves needlessly purchasing one or more additional items, but for an even more pathetically-lame reason --- where the former unwise practice results from an item's being presently unusable due to actual damage, wear, soiling, or malfunction, Jbao syndrome stems from the original item's merely being presently inaccessible, such as from falling into a crack in the floor or behind a piece of furniture, being dropped into shallow water, getting lodged in a tall tree or on the roof of a house, etc. If the item were simply retrieved, it would be immediately usable again, without any cleaning or repair necessary. In some extreme cases, the item in question may not even be out of easy reach, but instead simply requires a slight upgrade or normal routine-maintenance, such as a circular-saw's needing a sharper blade, a lawn mower's needing a new spark plug, etc., not having a whole new appliance purchased.
by QuacksO May 24, 2018
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