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A homo that likes to poop in his pants, hes scared of everything he watches dora the explorer while wearing a pink dress. sometimes a jay jay cablayan sings "You Belong With me." by Taylor Swift. Jay jay kisses guys and eats poop from gorillas. A jay jay has an ugly face with a flat nose and cannot breathe. He is the only species around the whole universe. He might be an alien from the planet gay gay planet, where his boyfriend anthony screams with him in the bathroom. they both put lotion on their butt together. they like to lick dogs' wiener. he is the fag of the universe. People dont really know why hes born , a million people say its a mistake. He deserves to be burned in a coffin with dead little girls. He was suppose to a llama.
by wbadasnbd82knbda September 20, 2009
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