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An excellent town that has been blackballed by a single crime committed in 1998. Three white men dragged a black man to death behind their truck. It should be noted that non of the white men were from Jasper. Jasper is a great place to live, but not to go to school. The school system is very corrupt with power addicts.
Where did you go to school?

Jasper, Texas

I'm sorry...
by knowitalljpt January 05, 2011
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town where the draging happened, just to note the three whites guys, none of them were from jasper, also some white guy got killed that morning dont remember who buy, also the week before that a white women was stabed to death buy a black guy Some people from the Jasper Texas area or other parts of deep east TX just mean (a slow news day).
Wow did you hear about Aruba day 417, must be a Jasper, Texas news day.
by Ickus Zozen September 06, 2005
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*A city that used to be peaceful until, in 1998, a vicious hate-crime occurred; degenerate white racists were going to drop a black man off back home, but before that they stopped in an unknown area to have a couple of drinks......but then that's when the three racists beat up the black person, and ultimately tied his leg up to the back of their truck and then dragged him, and upon the truck turning, the one being dragged got decapitated by a sewage pipe underneath a road.
This event was so shocking to the little city of Jasper because there has never been such a hate-crime so incredibly radical, let alone have there been any real hate-crimes in Jasper whatsoever. Although the family of this dead man will forever mourn their loss, there were decent white police officers who did everything in their power to get to the bottom of this case. The man was judged as guilty, but disturbingly, the man being charged always had smiles on his face, and he didn't give a rat's ass. Let's see how he likes it when he gets executed.

*The name of a movie with the storyline of the event described above.

*To drag someone behind your vehicle.
"See Michael Moore and all you Mooreons? NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL!!"

"After seeing Vash the Stampede get dragged on the ground with a car, I thought to myself 'holy shit it's like something out of Jasper, Texas!' LOL"
"*seeing a stickfigure get dragged with a 4x4* holy shit it's like something outta Jasper, Texas! LOL"
by Dave May 22, 2004
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