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The only town where a used a car dealership is considered down town.
The Keene Dodge commericial callings its location, "historic downtown Jarrettsville."
by Jeremy March 16, 2005
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Commonly mistaken with the definition of Pylesville on Urban Dictionary. A small town that has two vastly different areas. Even though some of the residents of Jarrettsville unfortunately went to North Harford High School, not by choice, we were also the majority who actually went to college, and didn't pop out kids at 18.
Jarrettsville; a place where you life is defined by the elementary school you attended.
by movedfaraway July 20, 2008
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aka - hickville, po-dunk, middle of nowhere

the town where 4 people live in northern harford county near the baltimore county and pennsylvania lines. the only town where the area high school has a bring your tractor to school day and everyone looks forward to it.
the "cool thing" to do around town is hang out at the 7-11 or just drive your truck around and hit mailboxes. stealing street signs is also popular.
to fit in you must learn to drink daily and smoke pot even more often than you thought possible. you must also act as hick as possible.
Katie - Are y'all goin down to da tractor show up in pennsyltucky?

Timmy - hell yeah, i ain't miss it for a six pack. but 6 six packs, maybe. y'all got any weed? and i got the muchies too.
by hickville-ian March 15, 2005
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An area located in Harford county, MD. The site of nothing, except for one fine neighborhood. This "hood" is located in central Jarrettsville, and has numerous features native only to Jarrettsville. Some include, a lock on the powerlines, a streetlight with a working light switch, and a funny looking geo metro.
"Jarrettsville is such a shitty area"
"Yeah it wham"
by Mr. Reed May 10, 2005
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The town where the only cool kids are the ones who go to country line dancing on wednesday nights at the VFW.
Anyone ever been to a J-rock jam session at the 4-H camp?
by j-rock 4eva! March 31, 2005
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The only town where your school bus driver also works as the volunteer ambulance and fire truck driver AND runs the local funeral home.
bus 51...forcibly retired, purchased by a former student passenger, and now lives on the farm on "fake street".
by j-rock 4eva! March 31, 2005
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Jarrettsville is a small town located in northern Harford County, MD. It is a small town, with an ever so popular 7-11 located in it. It seems to be the "cool spot to hang out" with all the local "race car drivers". Also in Jarrettsville, there happens to be a certain neighborhood, with an unusual trashiness around it. This "hood" is located in the outskirts of Jarrettsville, and has items native only to Jarrettsville. This hood, along with Jarrettsville, have a few rather interesting features. Some of these features include a streetlight with a working lightswitch, an actual school lock hanging from powerlines (was actually thrown there the same way you throw shoes on powerlines) and a rather friendly Geo Metro that likes to cruise around Jarrettsville. This shitty little Metro can be seen smashing through barricades and running over stop signs. The people in Jarrettsville are also trash. One particular kid "Berfer" is a prime example. This kid represents the total apatheticness of Jarrettsville. He does what he wants when he wants to, without any concern. He officially started the trend of breaking the streetlights in Jarrettsville. All in all, Jarrettsville is just some dumpy ass town in Harford County in which all the little hicks attend North Harford and receive an "education".
Mac- "Man, did you fellows catch that shitty Geo Metro?"
?Mark- "Why yes, yes i did, it interupted my chess game"
Berfer-"Man, I fuckin love Jarrettsville."
by Reed, Mr. May 11, 2005
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