Jarreau is tall and handsome. Shy but confidentat the same time. He favors his dad but is a better version because of his mother. He loves basketball and really has a way with the ladies. Very selective to detail, he chooses wisely. Very smart education comes easy to him. Whatever he puts his mind to he does it with ease. He has curly hair, and a great smile. Personally wise he has a great Sence of humor, likes to laugh and have fun. Don’t tell anybody but he’s really a great dancer despite the size of his feet. He is the type of person you would never forget. When he walks into a room his presence his Ora

Is immaculate because he is a King Everybody wants to be like Jarreau, perfect in every way.

Model type.
Did you see Jarreau today? He is so fine.
by Honeys3 December 31, 2017
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