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Jarmel Jelly is a crude term for the bleeding sometimes associated with enflamed hemorrhoids. This term originated in Denver Colorado, and has swept westward to California, and eastward encompassing Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York (due to prison poulations).

Jarmel Jelly refers to any liquid substance that would seep out of an engorged or enflamed hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids come in two forms, internal and external:

Hemorrhoids located outside of the anus are called external hemorrhoids. Here, swollen veins cause a soft lump around the anal opening. These lumps can turn hard if blood clot develops, and become painful thrombosed hemorrhoids. Since the anus has many nerve endings, external hemorrhoids can be very painful or itchy. Rough anal sodomy or “ass-play” can rupture these hemorrhoids, causing extreme pain, almost debilitating.

Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the rectum or anal canal, and are usually not painful. This is because the anal canal does not have many nerve endings. Indeed, most people are not aware that they have internal hemorrhoids until a hard stool rubbing against them or the results from anal sodomy causes these hemorrhoids to rupture and bleed.

This term grew notoriety in throughout the prison system. It easily spread through states as county jail prisoners were transferred to state or federal facilities. Usually used in the homosexual community, it is gaining popularity at some colleges.

Another variation is Jarmel Berries (a reference to the enflamed hemorrhoids in addition to the oral-anal deviant sexual practice).
Uh-oh Jake! Time to change the prison issue Depends! Your Jarmel Jelly oozed through your pants!
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