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Created in Colorado in 2005, this deviant sexual practice consists of an oral fetish with hemorrhoids. This act involves one male licking and “oral pleasuring” the hemorrhoids of the other male participant that were created from rough homosexual sodomy. The Jarmel Berries refer to the “mouth-watering” attraction the deviants feel towards a disturbing twist to “salad tossing”. This practice has gained popularity through the homosexual prison population across the mid-west, and has traveled as far east as Virginia.

This practice has been mentioned in several rap songs, referring to the tough life of prisoners in multiple federal and state detention centers where the Jarmel Berries act has been reported by officials to have grown into an act of hate and domination. It has been reported that the larger or stronger prisoners in the penitentiary facilities have used this act to show their dominance or “ownership” of other prisoners.

The Jarmel Berries term has also caught on with the Lesbian/Gay communities along the west coast in areas like San Diego, San Francisco, and Portland.

Another popular variation of this term includes “Jarmel Jelly”(referring to bleeding of the hemorrhoids)
Jake, get over here and suck on my Jarmel Berries!
by Peter Simpson April 14, 2006
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