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The Japanese fire-bush crab sandwich is foreplay involving a Japanese girl with a large crab-filled bush.

Proceed to get a lighter and light the Japanese’s girl bush on fire, immediately extinguishing the flame in order to prevent burns. Scrap the burnt pubic hair off the Japanese girl onto a sandwich, preferably a sandwich with true authentic Japanese meat, such as sushi and teriyaki. Complete the Japanese Fire-Bush Crab Sandwich by force feeding the Japanese girl your signature dish, ensuring that every last crab pube is now ingested in the depths of the Japanese girl’s once Fire-Bush Crab Sandwich free stomach.
Chuck Norris used his laser eyes on Suka Dik’s pubic hair and proceeded to karate chop the burnt hair off onto the freshly toasted sandwich. Suka Dik munched up that Japanese Fire-Bush Crab Sandwich like she was Ghandi.
by JBB3 December 05, 2009
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