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Female Artists/Singers from Japan. Their genre's range from R&B, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Enka, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, and even Japanese female Rappers.

Just like with anything else though, some are good, and some are bad.

Some Japanese Female Singers are REAL talent. They have a message to give the world and a common vibe to share for the love of music. Unfortunately there are other Japanese Female singers that are just another cute face chosen as the next quick money-maker for the industry.

For the most part, there are a good number of Japanese Female singers that are excellent vocalists but who are still sometimes overshadowed by the bad ones.

Some of the excellent Japanese Female singers are Utada Hikaru, Mika Nakashima, Misia, Boa, and Sowelu. That is just to name a few though.

At the end of the day, a person who loves all varieties of music and who has an ear for vocal tone, range, and harmonizing notes in succession will find something new and interesting when listening to the GOOD Japanese Female singers mentioned above.
Delroy: Hey, I was on youtube the other day and I came across some Japanese Female Singers. I think one of the singer's name is Misia.

Shanika: Oh yeah, I’ve heard of Misia. She has a 5-octave vocal range. Her music is very impressive and she has soul in her voice. You should also check out Utada Hikaru. She's a bit different, but still very talented.
by Appreciator of Humanity December 28, 2009
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