Japanese dramas are mostly aired on a seasonly basis, and are usually slated to last around 10 episodes or so, with a few exceptions, and often, each episode would last around 45 minutes.

The length of Japanese dramas sparks debate amongst people; some who argue that the length is too short, and thus leave little space for character development, some who rejects that opinion, as they find the duration reasonable and that the story is well-relayed within that amount of time without unneccessary additions.

The duration leaves the Japanese to express the dramas in their own creative way, finding the best ways to reach out to the audience despite the time limit.

'Japanese drama' can be shortened to jdrama, j-drama, or jdorama. The dramas tend to focus on a wide range of genres, from life to thriller to comedy to utterly random, prodding open minds of viewers with new concepts, choosing not to focus only on romance dramas, although they do have a few exceptional ones.
A: Have you watched any of the winter season japanese dramas at all?

B: Not yet, I'm still catching up with the fall dramas, but I should be finished soon. I'll watch the winter ones after that. Which jdrama would you recommend?
by theranya September 9, 2011
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Japanese Dramas are just soap Operas with horrible acting and bad Tv effects. The reason why is because of the lack of a major studio to actually produce this crap. They use the same effects and story telling that you see in a Sentai show. Manly these are watched by Old women ( in their 60s) in Japan and girls who like looking at cute guys.

The Japanese even have recognized that J-dramas are full of fail.
Guy 1: I am going home to watch Bleach

Guy 2: Well I am going home to watch a Japanese drama

Guy 1: *laughs* J-dramas suck. Are you a old women or a fan girl type?
by ~~~~I am(blank)~~~ April 25, 2010
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