THE best country ever. A country where one day, the secret robot will come after the amerikans for a-bombing them.

IT is also the country of:
-advance technology
-awsome funny looking toilet
-a clean place
-top leading in auto
-anything you dream of in the vending machine

OTHER countries are just jailous of the JAPANESE country surpriorness for example, the chinese/korean are making up stuff that JAPAN never apologize them for war crime. they are just jailous. if you anti-JAPANESE are reading this, quite reading it. with the advance technology, making robots and electronic, it will come after the us. and chinese and korean.
by asia-n_n-igga February 12, 2010
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Beatiful country with some very beatiful women very interesting historical and relizional background extreme high tech people fantastic animes weird porn and people that have the habbit of wearing around their neck little cameras when on vacation.
Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony ,etc.
by Alex February 16, 2005
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A country with flaws just like anyother. All countries fuck up, and Japan did too during ww2 but you know what, everyone does stupid shit. So, all of the cry baby ass bitches from Korea and China that have nothing better than to bitch and hate on Japan just because they have a bias they are born with, have never been to the country, who can only talk about the things that Japan has done(aka ww2 only), and forget to metnion all the things that china and Korea have done to Japan(oh you know just sending over the odd ballistic nucular warhead for no reason, or siphoning gas from Japanese Land, and many other atrocities.) can just shut the fuck up and bite your damn tongues because the Japanese government has made many appologies to both the weak good for shit chinese and korean governments. deal with it ok it's in the past and pissing you pants over it won't help shit other than make you little bitches look like sore loosers. so what we rocked the shit out of you in ww2, your whimpering isn't going to change the fact that we walked all over you and urinated all over you in ww2. shit happens deal with it, we did we had to rebuild after 2 nucular explosions, adn the almost complete destruction of Japan by the U.S. look where we are now, we are still more advanced and educated of a country than you ever will be if you don't stop picking your ass and crying about shit that went down in the past. maybe if you would bite your tears and put your pitiful efforts to scar the pride of one of the top countries in the wolrd then you may progress as a country. so stop eating up shit that you hear from your dumb as hell ancestors who are trying to make you naturaly biased against Japan just because we walked all over their asses anad think for yourself and make your own god damned disitions of who to hate and what to take for granted. pussy ass bitches.
Japan is a misunderstood and over hated country. so go and find out if it should be or not before passing judgement. and do a little research before you come up with fake numbers like 4 times the amount of killings than the nazi's. Japan was the cuntry who lost the biggest percent of their civilian populace. crybabies
by Risingsun September 19, 2005
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In a way, Japan is like England. An island off the coast of a continent, most of the countries therein not really liking them (see France for england and korea for Japan) because they both could charm the pants off any of their women and kick their bums in a duel. (yob vs. frenchman. Samurai vs. some kung-fu guy)

Both had an Empire.

Both rock. More than rocks.

Both peoples are known for their reserve.
It's true. Japan and England are like...long lost brothers or something..
by Claude Yoshimoto September 07, 2006
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Ja·pan (je-pan' (noun)) 1. Basically a land of nightmares and tainted souls. 2. Like Australia mixed with Dante's Hell.
"Let's go to Japan this summer!"

"Fuck that! That place is crazy!"
by theboiwonder June 18, 2009
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best country in the world. Invented hentai, Nintendo, and half the things that make my life worth living. For those who hate Japan because you're jealous you've never been there or are a racist prick, ...!.(>_<).!...
I nearly fell off Mt. Fuji in Japan
I tapped this girl's ass and unlike in America they smile
by KoRn stalk December 20, 2006
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A cool place. JApan is an island chain and has climate varying from near artic to tropical. Japan also has the best ofshore diving in the world. FACT. Japan is occupied by the coolest PPL ever to live on this planet and has the oldest monarchy in existance. They also have kimonos and the hottest girls EVER! the reason Koreans and Chinese don't like Japan, is because they're jealous that JApanese women are soooo much more beautiful than the subpar women they are afforded by their subpar gene pool.
I'm going to JApan to buy a boatload of kimonos to sell on eBay. Oh, and I think I'll marry a hot JApanese goddess while I'm there.
by Totally_OSM! May 18, 2005
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