A term to refer to someone who ruined your game in some shape or form because since your team mates are not to blame, it is therefore Janna's fault your game is "fucked"

Janna can be used in phrases such as
"Fucking Janna, the bitch" or " It was fucking Janna man" or even "God, Janna is a cunt"
Falcon despises Janna for not fucking surrendering and is now tilted.
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by #Tiltedbyjanna June 13, 2016
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is a dumb bitch. a slut, a whore and a girl nobody can stand...she also eats a lot of hay from farms
Hey you see that girl janna she is a slutty bitch!
by not a spartan July 05, 2011
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Janna is a mean girl who likes to eat gus daily. She thinks that everyone is a mistake and the Kaden looks like a sewer rat. She hates every definition of her and wants to die :)
Janna: Kaden you're a rat
Kaden: You're a bitch
Janna: That's right sorry...shut up SEWER rat
by Kaden The Rat February 22, 2019
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she’s a beautiful young girl and ilysm <3

love, michelle ~
me: what’s your name???
her: jannalyse but my friends call me janna
me: i love you
by yeshitme January 29, 2021
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