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a beautiful girl, that has a mind of her own, she has the most beautiful figure, she more personalitys then anyone combined, she hates to be ignored and gets mad when her voice isnt heard. shes loving,caring,sweet,funny,brown skinned, big beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous smile. She is the most honest person you will ever meet, she speaks her mind and isnt afraid to do it. if you are in the wrong she'll let you know. shes the best person to talk to, most of the time ;. she is the type of girl any guy would want. she will be all that you ever desired. show her love and you will be shown it back. a lover like a janae is something you wont find anywhere.. it takes time to get deep in her thoughts but its worth it. shes a complete eye catcher, they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and trustttt she is it !
Damn look at her, shes a Janae Monique.

hay baby baby you wanna be mah Janae Monique ;
by bunguru degebi May 20, 2012
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