Russian spy, often disguised as something pretty and familiar
Watch out for that jana or it's going to steal all your information. You never know where it hides.
by MCScrewDriver July 11, 2006
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She is negstive and positive sweet but has a cold heart never meet her bad side cause once u male her mad you WILL regret it. But once u get to know her better she will be an angel. She is very funny, and fun to around she has a noce spirit that brings out the good in others. She has a warm hesrt full of cheer, but it wont always be like that. Jana can be weird but u know hwat THATS JUST JANA FOR YA.🔥🖤
Jana is strong intelligent athletic in some ways but she may not look like she is all those things but SHE KNOWS SHES ALL THOSE THINGS SHE IS CONFIDENT NEVER WILL LET U DOWN

by Yorkies1234 December 27, 2017
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The type of friend who usually is the most social online then offline. Has many friends from around the world and she’s pretty chill, but when it comes to games, she’ll scream as reeeee never existed. She’s the funny one in the friend group and likes to make people laugh but has a dark side to bullying and will stand up for it. Her love life is usually guys with an “A” or “L” at the beginning of their name that they adore a lot. They don’t blush but show affection through online and that’s how they can form one stable relationship. Jana’s won’t leave the friend group unless they had enough of them or it was a tonic friend group. Jana’s also have the best talent at drawing. They also mostly have brownish blackish hair with greenish hazel eyes.
“Jana is my love drawing geek.”
by Cream puff man November 03, 2019
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A hot beautiful Bitch that you definitely want to do. She will often love the first friend she ever had so if you known her for a while you’re in luck! She has a short skinny bodybut you’ll still love her.
-Bro that looks like a Jana!
#Jana #Body #Beautiful #Badass
by Thatqt768boi February 12, 2018
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jana is a beautiful arabic female name. jana girls tend to be very kind and sensitive. they laugh a lot at everything but can’t hold their laugh in, especially when the time is inappropriate for a laugh. they care about staying fit but are still kind of lazy. they wake up motivated but tired, and prefer studying in the morning. they’re very loving and loyal to their friends, and they never break a promise. they love making people smile. they also tend to cry a lot, especially at movies... they also show affection with physical contact, like hugs or kisses. in conclusion, jana girls are the best kind of friend and/or sister to ever have.
girl 1: oh look, there’s jana!
girl 2: great, we could use some laughs!
by i love daglua January 23, 2021
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Jana is a gorgeous, intelligent, sexy firecracker who will love you to death or not give you the time of day. She is very reserved in what she says and does unless you are in her inner circle, in which case she will wear her heart on her sleeve. She is caring and protective of those she loves. She tends to overthink and worry and requires assurance that everything will be fine. She knows this already, but she likes the re-assurance. She has an amazing sense of humor and can take a joke as much as she can dish them out. She is a closet weirdo. She responds to weirdness but will not let anyone know how truly weird she is. Her body is like a tractor beam. It'll suck you right in. Her smile is infectious. Her breasts are amazing, and her ass absolutely WILL NOT QUIT. She can't sleep for shit, and she likes to exercise in dangerous conditions, like a dark alley way in an industrial business park at night. I also believe her to be much pervier than she lets on. She likes the finer things in life. Nice clothes, cars, caviar, steak, and lobster. She gets whatever she wants from all of her boyfriends and they are happy to give it as long as they simply get to be in her presence.
That bish right thurr don't even compare to Jana.
by unicorn banger August 15, 2019
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An amazing Yemeni with impeccable looks. He/she has it all, the looks, the personality, an unbelievable physique and the mentality. The availability of such a human being is 1:6.6 billion. A very fun person to talk, although he/she can be very annoying and secretive. Also, a person who needs to shower more frequently.
Wooowww, I wake up everyday wanting to be a Jana because i wanna look so good, be good at sports, and be be both wise and smart.
by Kamel7890 June 24, 2011
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