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The lead singer from Hatebreed and also the host of MTV2's "Headbangers Ball".

Has been known to be a huge sell-out and is also a nepotist when it comes to bands he plays on the show, and by in large plays his friends' videos, the same thing Rob Zombie was supposedly ousted from the host job on HBB for doing the year before Jasta got his job

He is often seen wearing shirts of bands he claimed to dislike only a week or two before, and saying they are his favorite band. Some say it is because they pay him handsomely. Others say he is just a geek who tries to hard to be one of the "cool kids", so to speak.

Whatever the reason, it can be said that Jamey Jasta is MTV2's Monkey Boy and and that unless he gets a clue, he will end up another Riki Rachtman, with no career and only being remembered as being a humongous ass-kisser that liked crappy bands
"Tonight, on "The Ball", we have our good friends Korn, who will be on for the 9000th time. We will be talking abour Corn Flakes, enemas and the birth of Jonathan's chihuahua! Everything but the music!"- Jamey Jasta
by Chani K. July 25, 2006
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