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A town in western N.Y. A once large industrious town that, through poor governmental choices and lay offs, has become a town full of Churches, Doctors offices, Bars and Pharmacies and Welfare.

Those running the fine town think its better to cater to the few people that visit to see the many shrines of the apparent Queen Lucy, (Whom was actually born in Celron, New York and only lived there in Jamestown for a short period of time.) rather then its many residents in need of decent housing and jobs. Thus causing and maintaining the need for its people to either depend on County, State and Federally funded programs or Become Drug dealers to even sustain enough income to keep their children.

Some would figure that it would be easier to move OUT of Jamestown then... however this is mistaken. The surrounding area requires an income of double or more to merely maintain the same quality of life as living in Jamestown. Transportation for example: A 10 trip bus ticket for in town trips is approx. $28. 10 trips in an adjoining town (for same distance trips) is around $40... a cab trip in town is $5.50-$6.50(depending on the cab co.) , a same distance trip in an adjoining town $12-$20...the same goes for utilities and rent.

To the positive, there is an ice rink and a lot of small shops and a Tim Horton.

In short...Jamestown NY is a place to visit, so long as you don't plan to stay
Oh my goodness, your From Jamestown, New York, I feel sorry for you!
by Syndeep January 02, 2011
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