The James River is a river in the U.S. state of Virginia. It is 348 miles long, extending to 444 miles includes the Jackson River. It is the 12th longest river in the United States that remains entirely within a single state

It has become very popular for families to take swims in and college students at VCU to get fucked up at.
VCU student1: Hey wanna get fucked up at the James River tomorrow and drink PBR?

VCU student2: Yea man! The river is sick!
by hillert October 23, 2013
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The James river is a barrier which separates the freedom loving northern USA north of its currents from the cockfederate barbarians. It has a history of being the barrier between the civilized north and the southern, confederate barbarians. Many bridges which connected the two nations were destroyed in the burning of Richmond, but to this day it is a reminder of the limits of civilization and the civilized world.
South of the James River is the land of darkness and evil known as the deep south, there is evil there waiting for a time of weakness and degeneracy when mankind turns its back on the memory of Sherman and Lincoln. When that time appears to have arrived confederate barbarian will storm the river in there hatred hoping to end freedom, civilization, and AMERICA.
by TheS May 9, 2022
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a factual description of jrhs. james river high school, often called simply "river", is a small-town school in the boondocks of botetourt county, virginia. known county-wide as your local shithole, this is a gathering for the rednecks in lifted trucks, shouting their mating call "yee-yee", as they scout their natural habitat. the rival school is lord botetourt high, known for it's whores and snobs. (side note: please God will yall accept this as a definition. if you dont then youre a total asswipe.)
Redneck: Down hur in the holler is whur yall find gud ol james river high school. YEE YEE I LOVE 'MURICA TRUMP 2020
Literally everyone else:
by your fellow yee-yee-er October 4, 2019
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james river high school is your local poor kids hangout, located in the shit-pits of botetourt county, virginia. this hellhole we call home is the best (and only) 2A-and-slowly-dwindling-down-to-1A public school (as a matter of fact it's the only school) you'll find within about a hundred-mile-radius.

It's also the number one place to turn to if you're looking for any of the following:
a. pot
b. potheads
c. poor kids
d. eons-old teachers
e. various other drugs besides pot
f. a lousy football team
g. lousy bleachers
h. shitty school spirit
i. great pep club spirit?
j. furries
k. roaches
l. old cheesesticks behind the auxiliary gym bleachers
m. roughly two albinos
n. more roaches
o. ants
p. other, more bizzare things
q. the list could go on forever really

Some fun facts about the place:
1. Half of the seniors are about 8 feet tall
2. Every single male in the building can be found clad in a unicorn onesie on Pajama Day
3. There's a couple of teachers and some janitor dude who tell all the freshmen every year that there's a James River ghost
4. There is no ghost
5. Everyone hates the 2021-2022 freshman class
6. various, extremely strange items can be found in the many bathrooms around the school
7. if you ever meet JJ Halstead ask him about the piss bandit it's worth it

(if y'all don't accept this as a definition i swear i will sick jerry on you)
girl 1: "you go to lb?"
girl 2: "yeah"
girl 1: "i feel bad for you"
girl 2: "you go to james river high school?"
girl 1: "yes"
girl 2: "DAMN HONEY i feel bad for YOU"
by poppity poppins the chicken pi December 21, 2021
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A human male, one of the Teletubbies.

Intellectual, at least 3%
Sexiness, at the highest -100%
River James Park

Today i went and had some tubby custard. I spilt it all over the floor so my nu nu cleaned it all up. I tell you he is good at sucking.
by LoulouJabba93 April 14, 2019
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