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Public school located in Union City, California. It is the largest in California, boasting an average of 3,000 students every year. It is located in a working class area, and it very, very diverse. Nationalities are evenly divided, and even though the statistics say that 40% of the school is Asian, half of that 40% is filipino. Culture is also pretty diverse. One walk around the big campus and you will year at least 4 languages, such as punjabi, spanish, vietnamesen, chinese, etc.

The school is an alright school. If your feet can take the walking, then you're in for the joy of your life. The school is not as ghetto as some people say it, is. There is however, the gangsters and stoners. As long as you avoid them, you'll be alright. Wearing the right clothes is not an issue at the school. Generally, people look down or get jealous at you if you're "rich". Hardly any one in Union City is from the upper class, so if you're labeled as "rich" it'll probably be because you live in a 2 story house.

The speech and debate team has been really successful in the past, with 5 state championships. The marching band has been dominant too, winning western marching band championships for nearly 10 straight years.

Overall, this is a good school. There's no tensions between races, no gang problems, and no dangers. If you choose the right path and right friends, you'll be alright. There' just too many things to explain this school, since it is so culturally and ethnically diverse.
"I go to Logan, home of the colts, and I'm proud of it. I'm not stuck up, have friends that are not just white, and I can cuss with the teacher and not get in trouble. James Logan High School"
-Jimmy the Colt
by IGo2LoganBiatches November 23, 2009
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