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To be a suave, attractive character like "James Bond" though with a kinky side during foreplay.
Some fiend on Counter Strike:Source that joins servers and pwns noobs and disappears just as quickly as he came in.

A "James Bondage" person gets a girl a few drinks, thus lowering her whole side of judgement and seducing her into a state of relaxation while ending up raping her to a full bondage limit.
by EliteAss August 30, 2006
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when one uses phrases originally found in James Bond movies... most commonly "shaken, not stirred", can also apply to the use of the "bond, james bond" style of stating ones name.
-What's your name?
-Smith, Joe Smith
-Dude, quit it with the James Bond-age

-How do u take ur martinis?
-Shaken, not stirred. ::following a dramatic head roll::
by watevrrr August 06, 2008
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