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Marijuana's answer to a hangover. The result of smoking too much weed the night before. Effects are typically far less harsher than its alcoholic brother, and include fatigue, headache, and mild nausea - I find these are temporarilly alleviated by another spliff.
I had a mean jamaican hangover today, didn't manage to get out of bed til 5pm.
by megadeathRAVE March 30, 2009
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When you smoke too much Ganjah and wake up the next morning feeling like your brain was shoved in a frying pan then put in the oven. to cure drink coffee or light another one up.
guy 1: Dude my head feels fucked man
guy 2 : You got a Jamaican hangover man
guy 1 : fuck man how do i fix it man
guy 2 : *passes bong and cup of coffee* smoke up and drink up.
by ty148 February 24, 2017
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