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Act of driving one's car into a rain storm, smoking a joint, and shampooing one's car. Bonus points for listening to bob marley or aer.
Tim: Did you hear that storm last night? I about shit my pants from the thunder and lightning.
Kevin: Actually I took out my 64 dodge drango with a scoop of the half I just picked and had myself a good ol' Jamaican Car Wash. Denise from middle school even came out , it was wild bro and my whip has never been so clean!;)
Tim: Word
by thetaco2 June 09, 2018
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the act of a girl taking a shit on your chest, then smearing it on you with her breasts
dude, last night chelsea gave me a jamaican car wash, it was fucking sick.
by paulthecomet May 20, 2010
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