Is so disrespectful and such an Asshole. If you ever come across a mf like jalen run.
I met jalen and he wasn’t shit
by Heh_ April 23, 2022
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Jalen is a bitch ass nigga who suck dick for a living but ain’t got shit going on with his life but wanna be on food stamps and play the game all day broke nigga shit
Jalen is a broke ass nigga
by Jahnialanee March 1, 2021
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Hands Down, That Nigga! A smoove dude.

A toxic bad bitch getter. Who your boyfriend should be.
I would give my left ball to be a Jalen… On Gawd!!
by YNIC November 22, 2021
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Damn he's so fat! Bet his name Jalen.
by phrog king September 30, 2020
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Meant to be together. Although they get into some arguments they always make up. They love each other very much and would do whatever for one another. They are perfect for each other. Jalen is a fine ass guy, with a huge dick, and a funny personality. Misa is a very shy and gets nervous easily. She's also super hot. Jalen + Misa=<3333
Friend 1:Hey did you see that perfect couple over there?
Friend 2:Yeah that must be a Jalen and Misa. They are mean to be together.
by helloguysxoxoxo April 3, 2022
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A real nigga. Plays Osu! and pulls gamer girls in the middle of Valorant matches. Rol's counterpart and only exist in this wolrd to combat Rol's overwhelming asian gaming power with the will of niggalations 18:3:4 -Jalen Bell will always Osu! game on you niggas.
Jalen Bell say "fr!!!!"
by Gamer Extreme 420 January 3, 2021
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Athletic, sexy, runs track, and can be goofy, funny, and has a huge cock
He look like a Jalen Boyd.
by CAN I GET A HUH YA? January 18, 2018
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