A retard, who is also gay, since they ride jake paul's dick.
Wuss poppin Jake Paulers, thanks for giving me money.
by BiggestBoy March 09, 2018
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Brain dead 10 year olds who support a stupid, talentless cunt named Jake Paul.
Aaron: These kids are so fucking ignorant and retarded.

John: They must be Jake Paulers
by fingeryourownbutthole October 14, 2017
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Someone who follows Jake Paul and tends to watch his vlogs everyday, bro. They stick up for Jake and Team 10 and love him even though he has done some messed up stuff before. They very much appreciate when you leave them alone for simply liking a social media star.
"HT is a Jake Pauler. She watches his vlogs and bought the merch. Let's leave her alone to her business. Whatever makes her happy, man!"
by HTlikesJakePaulstfu August 01, 2017
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Jake paulers are a group of minions who buy merch from a 19 year old (who is already balding) named Jake paul but people with an iq higher than 5 know his as Snake Paul, he has an ex named ALISSA VIOLET that slays his existence but he hurt in both physically and mentally, I personally don’t understand jake paulers, jake paulers could also be an offensive work against some people
+ omg he looks like a jake pauler
- okay lets not talk to him
via giphy
by FkJakePaul June 17, 2018
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Little 6 year old who are dumb brainwashed and think snakebitch is pretty.
Do not become a Jake Pauler, If you love Jake Paul and Team 10, nobody loves you there lying
Jake Paulers are dumb, Jerika 4 never
by Ricegum4lyf July 25, 2018
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