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The current president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is the most evil son of a bitch on Earth. A psychopath and a terrorist that cares only about money and woudn't give a damn if all the humans beings would die in suffer as long as he would live like a wealthy king and he wouldn't be affected.

This fascist supports and encourages the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, an essential ecosystem that maintains the life on Earth, a paradise that includes 10% of all species of Earth, produces 20% of our oxygen and also can slow down global warming, trapping impressive amounts of CO2. Jair doesn't believe in climate change or he doesn't give a shit about it. He doesn't care about the tribes that have been living in South America, he doesn't care about animals, biodiversity, the future or the fate of humanity, what he cares is just the money. He put only corrupt politicians in his government and fired all the people who wanted to save the nature and removed all the protection for this unique forest.

A lot of people also died in Brazil due to the coronavirus pandemic, and only because this moron doesn't believe even in the coronavirus saying it's just a flu and wanted to remove the quarantine and the protection measures for stopping the disease to spread.

Strangely enough, Bolsonaro still has a lot of supporters, maybe the rotten, selfish, heartless and morally corrupt persons like him or the least educated Brazilians that are easily manipulated or brainwashed to not see the reality.
A: Hey do you know what is the full name of the Brazilian president?
B: No, dude ! What's his full name?
A: Jair Messias Bolsonaro !
B: Are you kidding me? His middle name is "Messias"? Jair Bolsonaro is the devil on Earth ! His parents should have named him "Lucifer" instead !
by A visitor to Earth July 13, 2020
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slang word for shit, the worst kind
"ahh the did you hear about the amazon rain forest burning ? their PM is doing nothing"
"sorry give me a second i have to use the restroom, I have to take a Jair Bolsonaro, tell me about it after that"
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by Bayley Lawrence August 21, 2019
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The biggest bitch alive in human history, 100 times worse than Trump, the modern version of Nero
Everyone died in Brazil from the pandemic because of Jair Bolsonaro
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by No_Quarter_for_them February 10, 2021
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