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Jaime Leigh is a down to Earth yet self serving person. It has come to be believed that the self absorbed state is predominant in the adolescent or young adult years. Once that phase passes an enlightenment phase comes on strong. During the enlightenment phase the self absorbed becomes selfless. I you are the lucky bastard that stumbles across a Jaime Leigh during this phase you may count your lucky stars.

Jaime Leigh is the most naturally beautiful woman in the world. Unlike most described as "naturally beautiful" Jaime Leigh, when done up, Makes the high maintenance woman look average. Strong and stubborn. Smart and Defiant. Jaime Leigh is a woman that most couldn't handle due to weaknesses in their self. Not to say that a Jaime Leigh will ever point out a deficit in you. More to say that a Jaime Leigh will make you notice your shortcomings without any effort on her part. The simple reason behind this is you will feel the constant need to improve yourself to feel worthy of her attention and affection. Blessed be your life.
So you got divorced??? Should waited for your Jaime Leigh!
by BiggerDonkeyBag April 22, 2011
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