a sickness contracted only from a person named Julia.
"Yo man, I think Julia got me sick"
-"Dude, you have jades"
by apatbalat February 06, 2014
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Jaded is an uber-fast-paced rock song by the band Green Day. In most versions, it is directly preceeded by Brain Stew and the two songs are segued together.
Dude, I totally love that song Jaded. *air guitars* na na naaaaaa na na na naaa na naaaaaaa na!
by Fizzler December 21, 2006
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There's one word to describe this girl.. pimp!
She gets it where ever she can, male or female, she's far from picky. Who knows what diseases she has as a condom is a definite no no in her rules.
When in clubs she tries in on with everyone, she has a little grope to any passers by just so she can get her sexual rush.
Example 1:

Boy: I haven't had sex in so long, who can I ask?

Girl: ask a jade, I had one last night!

Example 2:

Girl: some girl touched my boob in that club last night!

Boy: that's strange, a girl touched my balls.

Girl2: ha, must of been a jade
by tittyshagger1 October 14, 2013
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The feeling one gets when bullied or abused (usually racist) by a monkey of low intelligence
"I felt Jaded after that watching that thicko on Big Brother"
by Steve Ayland January 23, 2007
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v. the act of transforming from a bitter, twisted and cynical soul into someone that melts into a ball of goosebumps and chills by the smallest dose of Jade.
I never thought being Jaded would feel so fantastic!
by alphamaleNFI January 06, 2007
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