Jade also kown as jadey or babe has these traits:Hot,amazing,one-of-a-kind,cute,mega great at making out with people called matt d,beautiful,best personality.
Jade is also an commonly name used for a dancer with blondy/brown hair and fits in perfectly into matt d arms,also has a perfect figure and small feet and hands.matt d loves being with her and and can never wait to see her,and has relevance with the number 17.
Greg:"dude, your so lucky to have a jade"
Matt:"i know.....i know"
by 17thMatt April 18, 2010
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She plays too much league of legends but is a good friend and helps me on league. She is shy but once you get to know her she opens up a little bit. She can be funny and have a good sense of humor. Jade can be quiet but if with the right people she can be rather talkative which is not a bad thing, she is rather interesting. Jade and i bond about how similar we are to one another which i haven't had someone to relate to in such a long while. I think jade and i can become really good friends and maybe even best friends.
by cosmeaa November 29, 2020
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The most prominent term used from the most burned out DJs, party goers, clubbers and ravers from the 1990-2010s until present. Sometimes used to reference the charming memories of music, production, DJing vinyl records, amazing parties, or mysteriously waking up in a cuddle puddle grounded by 100s of other people who have no fucking clue how they got there 30 minutes ago either. Later as the "Jaded One" ages they willingly connect with others just as jaded as they are and laugh endlessly about their life experiences.

"Hmm I guess that's why Jeff is Jaded?"

"Why is that guy just standing by that speaker in the dark corner the whole night?"
Reply: "Don't mind him he's just jaded."
by UberJaded Trancer November 29, 2015
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The state of being paralytically drunk; speech may no longer make sense and vomiting is highly likely. You'd be very lucky if you remember your actions whilst jaded.
Omg if drink that much we'll definitely get jaded
by Jxde October 19, 2014
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A lame Macedonian with a scooby doo like haircut who resembles a pixie
Woah its a Jadee!
by Rabbits are amazing March 29, 2011
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