Jada is sexy, a lil gay, like to eat poop, fortnite god, Matthew and Courtney fanatic, and most of beautiful.
Jada Gayda
by RattyJay March 30, 2020
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A girl who is two faced and tries to ruin people's lives at all costs by spreading rumors and dating 9 guys at once.
Did you see Jada over there? She's spreading false information.
by Porkswordweilder69 December 10, 2019
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A girl whose name is Jada wears a lot of fake hair and have more than one man . They usually look like their mother but are a father's heart. And they especially like la Brea man and their friends brother.
I catch Jada I the track with she friend brother after school and I see she in la Brea with Chrissy yesterday.
by Skiiidy July 09, 2019
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