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Chuck Norris's best friend. He is twice as powerful as Chuck Norris. He created Chuck Norris after winning a duel with Jesus. It was said Jacob created Chuck out of Jesus's blood. It is also said that he forgot somethin while trying to create Chuck and made Jet Lee. Jacob didn't like his son Jet Lee so he banished him to asia to start the asian race. One day while training Chuck and Lee (Lee was visiting) Jacob's brother God came down from the heavens and challenged him to a duel. They wagered that if God wins Jacob has to live by himself in earths core. They fought for centuries until God privaled and Jacob was sent to the core. He was now renamed Saitin and as a punishment God would sent his bad subjects down to him to annoy the Hell out of him.
Just a fun little tale about Jacob Bradley
by J_B_is_awesome October 29, 2010
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