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Jacob, or more commonly known as a giraffe because of his long neck is an American model who has been associated with popular brands such as Ford Models. Prior to modeling he was studying an English major in southern California. Since 2016, Jacob has been dating smol bean Troye Sivan, though they refer to themselves as good mates which we all know isn't true considering all the tracob pictures. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California'
Yo do you see that giraffe over there?

Don't you mean Jacob Bixenman?
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by troyesneighborhood_ April 15, 2018
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A beautiful Model from California. Made his own shirt with a very beautiful design on it. Is s**ner or later to win the award for "most beautiful man of the year". He has 236k up till the moment 1.5.18 . He is the sweetest person as said by his friends and fans. People adore him and you should too. Also people might know him for being Troye Sivan's boyfriend. (of course). This was made by a fan. I was trying to sound proffesional ok?
by Trevor Sivan bitch April 24, 2018
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