Jackies are almost all ways the nicest girl in school. She might not have good grades, but she tries her best. Jackies are extreamally friendly, and tries her best to please others. Their also sometimes very tall. If you get a Jackie, treat her well. She might not be sporty, but she will try to please her. If you find a Jackie, she will try her best to befriend you.
Friend: Hey, its my birthday tomorrow!
Jackie: Okay, I'll try to make it one you will never forget!
Whore: I wish I was Jackie....
by awesomegall1234567890 October 25, 2012
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A name commonly made up to anger your friends girlfriend.
Friend(on the phone with girlfriend) hey babe
You:are you talking to you girl
Friend: yea
You: oh, tell jackie i said hi
(girlfriend hangs up phone)
by GoldenBOy122435 October 9, 2011
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Jackie is the name of the nicest person in the world. Jackie usually has beautiful blond hair and is amazing in school. EVERYONE loves her. She can get a guy drooling over her in seconds. She is so pretty and is everyones best friend.
girl 1- Did you hear? Jackie is dating Max!!!!
girl 2- WHAT?? She is so lucky I like him too.
girl 1- Me too. I'm so jealous, she has everything.
girl 2- Why can't we be just like her?
by hunts weisly May 2, 2011
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Jackie is a girl who gives absolutely zero fucks. Not because she does not care but because she does. Her showing a calmer, tough, and nonchalant version of herself when around people she is not close to makes them feel more comfortable. She is a VERY confident girl and takes it as a compliment when others hate on her without a good reason. She is friendly to everyone but only her friends and family will get to know the crackhead, wild, fun, and outgoing girl this individual truly is. Don’t try to over power Jackie cause she will never let you forget it. She is very stubborn and pushes herself at times but only cause she wants the best for herself. She had a very sarcastic sense of humor and if she uses in you, CONGRATS!! She’s only funny with people she trusts. Jackie’s group of friends is the best of best. She is picky with who she makes friendships with because she knows that she wants them to last a lifetime. So don’t take it personal if she distances herself from you- it’s for the best. Don’t try to pick games with Jackie cause she will come back strong. Overall Jackie a kind, genuine, hard working, protective (especially with family) girl. You’re damn right lucky if you know her, if not then yes- it is okay to cry. This girl truly wants to be happy and wants to be with others who want the exact same thing for themselves. You are very lucky to have a Jackie in your life cause SHES GOT YOUR BACK- but you already knew that ;) Long story short you gotta meet a Jackie.
“Did you see Jackie’s snap? She cracks me up”

“Bro Jackie went to play ball with me yesterday, let’s just say she crushed me”

“I’ve never seen Jackie walking alone to class”

“Jackie accidentally intimidated her teacher and got her A lowered to a B”
“Don’t mess with Jackie, her friends are gonna come knocking at your door
by Kimbo009 April 13, 2020
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He is very famous on TikTok and can easily tag his Friends that appear in his videos he named liar_12 and Kano.he is as swift as a monkey climbing through the trees
Report Jackie he is using hacks
No you dumb kid he’s just good
by jmancurly February 25, 2022
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SHE IS THICKY NICKY! She is in any type of sport. She is really bootyful and taller than most girls. She is a vlogger🤪 she will make friends with anyone😎 she is not SO smart but she if very pretty😋
Girl: did u try out for any sport this year??
Jackie: actually yes I have tried out for volleyball, basketball, cheer, softball and that’s about it‼️🙂
Girl: WOW
by GOTCHA BIATCH November 7, 2018
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She lives a life passion filled and with a soft hand, kind heart, and a scorn 2nd to no creature. She is enduring and forgiving the one she loves but demands the best out of her family and closest friends. If you cross her revenge will come no matter how long it takes,and at any cost if shes hurt. She is patient and methodical in her dealings. Try to out hustle her and she will make her presence known. If your lucky enough to call one your wife, tread lightly with a heavy heart and an open mind. Because as long as you have her trust, she is yours for life. She has a charm that is cunning and beauty to last a 100 lifetimes. She is creative, resourceful yet stubborn. Polite and selfless men only are considered potential partners. And if your lucky enough to hold her never let her go. And in an argument you must not be unwilling to lose. She is angel fire cooled with hell's water. Your best asset or your worst enemy. No matter where she fits in make no mistake, she will not be forgotten. My love, my life, my always. Jackie a.k.a. Wednesday
jackie is the woman I want yo mary.
by the biener October 25, 2019
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