Jackie is a beautiful girl and has a great personality. She is the most friendly, loving friend you can ever find.

She is that girl that is very optimistic and she loves making people happy.
She will do anything for her friends.
She is always fun to be around.
She can be one of the to students in school.

ANYONE is lucky to have her.
Wow! That Jackie is amazing!
by superstition December 14, 2013
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Jackie is a name bestowed upon a girl who is both beautiful and amazing. She is the type of girl to make everything better when you are with her and to leave you aching when she is gone. Jackie can come with any different sort of hair color or style and be any type of bodyshape. They are extremely rare and hard to catch but once you catch one they are extremely loyal and faithful until they die. Jackie is not just a girl, she is THE girl. We could all only be so lucky as to find our very own Jackie.
Girl: I think I'm in love with you.
Guy: Will you be my Jackie?
Girl: YES!

All Girl's friends: Wow she is so lucky, I wish I could be someone's Jackie.
by Angel Eye Hopper August 18, 2011
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savage, good at being savage, very hot savage, has a super savage team, runs savage headquarters, savage union
by Savage union January 21, 2016
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Jackie is the name of a girl that upon first glance instantly melts your heart. She is undeniably beautiful in every way, however, she likely wont admit it but she knows it hehe. Jackie is the type of girl that any man would be lucky to have to call their own. She deserves the world because she is perfection and undoubtably gorgeous. Someone named Jackie is a real keeper, she is the type of girl that will change who you are for the better, she will bring a light into your life that you previously did not know existed. If you are lucky enough to find Jakie don't wait, pursue her with everything you have I promise you will be beyond happy you did. Not to mention that Jackie makes the best girlfriend, she is loyal, loving, kind, and overall just simply leaves you speechless. Her beauty is breath taking, her eyes shine brighter than the stars above. To reiterate if you luckily luck out and somehow manage to make Jackie yours treat her like a queen, because she deserves everything. Jackie will complete you, she will love you, and lastly it is utterly impossible to not fall head over heels in love with Jackie she is everything that any man would ever need. She is perfection.

Again if you are lucky enough to make Jackie yours, I can promise you that when you look into her beautiful brown eyes you will forget everything, your heart will melt, and you will be left just saying wow wow wow.
Would you look at that girl, shes the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Oh she must be a Jackie
by Defo not spencer November 12, 2020
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Jackies are a rare and mysterious breed. Some say that they are pink hippopotami, but they do in fact exist. Seriously. Jackies are incredibly beautiful and hilarious and playful and will carry you on their backs up entire flights of stairs. They are very intelligent, and enjoy french things and music. Jackies make the world a better place.
Person 1: Jackies are the best!
Person 2: Yeah, they're my favorite! I love Jackie.

by Love Swan August 19, 2010
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A Jackie, is a women who loves their man very much, they often do crazy things for them and try to deal with their annoying men. She has beauty that is un-matched by anyone, and when u meet her, she will often leave you with your mouth left open. She is a great lover, but shouldn't be looked down upon, because she will protect the ones that she loves. She is the most beautiful, gorgeous, and over all the best girl you will ever meet.
Jackie is the most beautiful girl in the world

Jackie tended to her man, Nick
by Wallman18 March 27, 2013
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elegant and curious, enjoys making people happy and is very optimistic, often relating to the late Jacqueline Onassis
She is almost as elegant as Jackie.
by Kennedy lover March 3, 2009
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