A Comedical Joke involving the billionaire Jack Ma.
Jefferey: "you know Jack Ma"
George: "whos Jack Ma?"
Jeffrey: "Jack Ma balls off"
by BALLZ D$$P ON DUH MICQ March 07, 2021
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An alien, otherwise known as the founder of the company Alibaba. One of the richest men in China.
Jack Ma is a fucking alien
by penis baby 👶 🍼 has November 16, 2020
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When your mom comes over to your place and uses your computer to check her facebook account, but fails to log in as herself first, so she's posting to all her friends as you.
Holy shit, my facbook account has been ma-jacked!
by DontLetThisHappenToYou November 08, 2010
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A two person joke wherein participant A poses the question “Do you know who Jack Ma is?” to participant B. If participant B replies with “No, who is Jack Ma?” then Participant A ultimately concludes the joke with the sexual pun “Jack ma balls off” (itself a comedic phrase intended to sound like “Jack my balls off” but which includes the original individual in question named Jack Ma).
Dave: Yo have you ever heard of Jack Ma?
William: Who’s Jack Ma?
Dave: Jack Ma balls off!
William: oh dude you totally got me I did not see that coming.
by Jung Mook March 07, 2021
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