a boy who is extremely ugly and smells really bad
stay away from him! hes a jack
by im a chickan May 24, 2017
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Jack has Beautiful eyes that can always make you smile. Jack is someone who can make you laugh. Jack is caring and is still trying to find himself. Jack is adventurous. Jack is loving.
I like you, Jack.
by Long day May 21, 2018
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Jack is a sporty boy who has lots of friends and doesn't like hurting peoples feelings (especially when it comes to girls) he usually has one main boy in his life and one main girl. They aren't going out but everyone believes one day they will. This makes lots of girls jealous because jack has lots of girls after him
Person 1: " Is jack going out with her?
Person 2: " Nah they are just best friends but look hw perfect they look "
by jacksonnnnnnnnnn March 11, 2019
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A fat boy who likes to run people down but gets mad when people run him down back. He likes boys but does not want to come out of the closet yet. He always says "Fucking cunt" when he rages playing games. He also steals his sisters money to buy pizza at midnight.
"Jack is so rude and annoying."
by anonymouslilfucker May 20, 2019
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