jack is amazing and will one day end up with a catie shes super cute and so is he. he loves super strongly and is very funny he will most likely have blonde hair or brown hair :))
damn jack is so sexi him and catie make a great couple
by anna52456789324 May 25, 2018
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Jack is the fittest boyo ever. When you “pulljack it’s great.
Jack is the best meet ever.
by Katieismyqueen May 23, 2018
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A person who doesn’t care about anyone but the popular girls. He’s super cocky and rude to most people. He always lies and thinks it’s funny to make jokes about someone. He could possibly be gay to.
Jack just totally dissed her.
by Ñat¡ March 13, 2018
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A very idiotic person who likes to start up fights with Vixpuff, the Admin Trainee/Full-time awesome puff.

Also can be used to describe any idiot or devil-like person.
My little brother used to be an angel, but now he's such a Jack.

Yeah, he's like Jack.
via giphy
by Tompuff July 20, 2018
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Someone that can be nice at times and then talks about you behind your back , most jacks look like monkeys.
by Jacob johnithan July 01, 2017
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Jack is the hottest most caring person you will ever meet. He is funny and good at lots of things. He has a great taste in music and clothes and isn’t afraid to put himself out there for the joke. He’s always there to talk about any of your problems. But he has to be careful, he is so caring he is susceptible to broken heart syndrome and high levels of stress. But despite his struggles he will always have your back, and you should always have his. Try to avoid hurting his feelings because he doesn’t deserve it. He deserves more than anyone could ever give him. Cherish Jack, because he’s the best friend you’ll ever get.
“Have you met jack?”
“Ya, I met him a few minutes ago. He is sooooo nice!”
by Ur mom gaye June 10, 2018
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