A guy who is always on the move for ladies. HATES REGECTION. Doesnt know how to flirt. (Has an uncontrollable love for Karas and Ariannas) A BIG follower. Has Horrible Guy friends. when hes angry its like HULK SMASH. BEWARE WOMAN!!

# GayAf # GetALife #NoodleArms
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by Colgate toothpaste June 06, 2018
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Jack of Twitter? You mean that goatfucker is one sick fuck -- he wanks off to #AlexJones
by lunex August 08, 2018
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The most amazing guy on the planet. Jack makes you feel warm inside. He is short but athletic. He’s attractive when he’s not trying. He will take the time to slow down the conversation and start “small talk” he hits the ball out of the park when it comes to getting girls. They are all over him. He may not be the smartest but he is The cutest!!! He’s my boyfriend!
Girl 1: He must be a Jack
by NoNoHoney December 20, 2017
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He is a hot tough guy with an a amazing personality he has the looks and the sweetest eyes he falls for girls who are sweet but have a strong side to them it is often that they fall for girls who are named lauren cause she is and outgoing helpfull woman who will be there every day waiting and will never give up on him they love each other with all there heart
U see jack, he has such amazing eyes
by Babyboys4life July 24, 2018
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Jack is the type of guy that will fuck you over and will cheat on you with a butterdket. Don't trust him, he is horny as hell and will hump anything that moves. Don't let him into it life u will regret it. He cares to much about your boobs and butt and won't treat you right.
"That guy is such a Jack, he cheated on me with that buttersket."
by PurpleBitch676 July 27, 2018
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He’s a cute nephilin on the cw hit show supernatural he’s the off spring of Lucifer but choose castiel as his father
Jack and Sam are very good friends because Sam is his uncle #destiel
by Deans girl July 24, 2018
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