When you're constantly talking to girls, and got a new 'bae' but really you're a walking friend zone. Nice lad though.
Person 1: Guess who's got a new bae?!

Person 2: Do you actually talk or are you being a Jack?
by Llamagod2596 December 11, 2017
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the best friend you could ever have is good in bed and has a monster cock
by f in sex February 01, 2018
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A name given to the most cooperative person when organising an event or night out
Liam’s been well helpful he’s been a true jack
by Baz Geoff June 16, 2018
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This guys almost always a complete moron. He is the one guy who everyone just takes there're daily shit out on. He can be a really pain in the ass and is known to be a homosexual. Jacks are really just the worlds punching bags.
1: Man I just won't to knock that jack kid out.
by Baller778 September 05, 2016
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A complete douche; he can be cool at times, but he is usually a dick to everyone. He is good at drawing and excluding you from squad events. Yes- a total JACKass (get it :). He also is a registered sex offender, pedophile, and all-around druggie. Jack can also be a bitch at (many) times as well. And although he has an odd addiction to hardcore(and underage) hentai; he still maintain his position as a guy who knows a lot of kids, and pisses them all iff
Guy#1: Dude, what's that guys deal?
Guy#2: I know, what a Jack!
by Squidlord2017 January 14, 2017
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the slummiest of slums , selfish manipulative rich stuck up know it all and extremely disrespectful to all girls. if you date a jack he will most likely cheat on you 27 times and then tell you how it’s your fault he did it. crazy and thinks he’s the most insightful person in the world but is dumber than a bag of dirt clogs
my life has been shit since i met that guy jack.
by ramennoodle69 July 02, 2018
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Jack is a Male name and it’s usally a boy with blonde hair. Jack is sexy and romantic. If you like a jack you better get him before anyone gets
Him cuz jack is the cutest guy at school, may be sweet but is a beast in bed. Look to fuck more Jacks
Me:guess what

Cynthia: what
Me: i fucked jack yesterday!
Cynthia: no fair!!!! I want to fuck him!!
Me: WTF?? You know he is my bf am suou already have a shitty bf AKA Pedro
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